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Custom Commercial & Industrial Packaging Solutions

Customized packaging offers a meaningful way to reach your customer. It can extend a brand experience beyond the product itself and help build a long-term, sustainable connection. We saw the value of customized packaging almost a decade ago. Since then, we’ve helped our clients reach their customers on a deeper level.

We offer industry-leading expertise on your packaging needs as well as a range of customizable products, including shipping cartons, retail packaging, and bags. We also manufacture commercial packaging products, such as packing tape, bubble cushion, and other protective fillers. Our solutions provide a more efficient solution to improve processes and increase efficiency.

What we offer:

 • Customized Shipping Cartons

  • Paper & Plastic retail bags

      • Customized packaging tapes

• Packaging fillers

Strategic Differentiators

Conros strategic difference

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About Conros

Our mission is to develop inspiring creative solutions to make lives easier. Everything we offer, from shipping supplies to stationery to customized packaging, is built with that belief in mind.

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