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Earth Hugger

In today’s world, manufacturers, consumers, and influencers need to work together to ensure that their resources and purchasing/spending power is used for the most sustainable solutions available. Earth Hugger is a growing assortment of Paper straws, Packaging, Mailing & Shipping supplies. The product assortment has been developed for today’s environmentally-conscience consumer, who is looking for new & innovative products that lessen their carbon footprint. Therefore, our goal through Earth Hugger is to protect our natural environment, human well-being and ecological health along with innovation and cause lesser impact on way of life. To maximize sustainability initiatives encompassing conservation of forests, reduce waste and discharge into our seas, zero emissions and to minimize the negative impact of climate change.

Bubble Cushion

Packaging Bubble Cushion Wrap provides surface protection cushioning, blocking and fills void space.

Kraft Paper

Kraft durable paper used as a wrap for packaging, shipping, wrapping, crafts and used as a filler for gifts and can be easily recycled.

Mailing Tube

Kraft sturdy fiberboard mailing tubes suited for protecting posters, banners, design sheets, layouts, blueprints and other rolled items without the items getting crumpled or damaged

Mailing Tube

Packaging Tape

Heavy Duty and high-quality adhesive tape that assures boxes are securely packed and can be used for moving, shipping, and storage. Dispenser is made from 100% post-consumer plastic.


Lightweight, self-sealed multipurpose mailers used in offices, at home, in shops, schools and everywhere where there is a need for shipping or packaging.

Prep Paper

Self-adhesive protection paper does not leave any residue when used on any surface and can be repositioned and reused multiple times.

Hexcel Wrap

Lightweight strong self-sealing wrap, no tape needed, the hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that traps all items, provides perfect cushioning eliminating damage.

Paper Straws

Individually wrapped biodegradable and compostable paper straws. Ideal for hot and cold beverages. The product is a sustainable solution created with the ecosystem in mind.

About Conros

Our mission is to develop inspiring creative solutions to make lives easier. Everything we offer, from shipping supplies to stationery to customized packaging, is built with that belief in mind.

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